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4 days...

okay, so i'mm stuck at fucking school while my mother does parent/teacher school-is-starting-meetings. fun fun. i'm so bored and i'm stuck in the conference room- the one room in this school that doesn't have air-conditioning. goodness, i am soooooo hot it isn't even funny. and i'm pissed off b/c beth and i were going to watch dr. phil today (kids ask dr. phil) over the phone and make fun of it and now i'm not going to be home in time to do it (i know it sounds stupid to be upset over but i only have 4 more days until i leave for boston and dont come back home for 9 months, so even stupid little things are important b/c honestly, when will my next chance be?) vidhya's coming home tonight at midnight- i'll get to see her tomorrow yay! but yeah, i'm really excited about that so we can start off vidhya and elizabeth's last hurray: the sequel and have a blast. well, i'll see if i have anything more interesting to do while i'm stuck in this god-forsaken school for the rest of my life- so ii'm being melodramatic, i only have 4 days left in town and my mother's making me spend them like this! at schol! when i should be at kings island with amy and holly and veronica, etc. and then back home to watch tv with beth! no, i'm just in a bitchy mood- worried about this airplane business. i just know i'm going to miss a flight somewhere and fuck everything up. once i get to italy i'll be fine, but i'm starting to doubt i'll make it there. well, buh-bye! XOXO-liz

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