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yep...9 days until i leave for boston. it all seems not real right now. i've been helping out at v-ball and i'm going to go to the v-ball picnic at a certain pervy old man who shall remain nameless (actually, he's getting a lot better and is actually not acting like he hates me) but it makes me kind of sad that i'm not gonna be on the team this year (unless my italian v-ball team is actually good and then that will be kick-ass and i won't care- kidding, holly!) i'm soooooooo happy though because this saturday i'm going to pick up ben!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! my big bro, finally back from japan, even though he had to be a loser and go through russia, the asshole. so i get to see him and we can hang out until i leave. he brought a present for turansky so i'm going with him to give it to him, so that will be fun...crazy old man. yeah, but i should probably get going since i have much to do. gone in 9 days-but without any italian skills whatsoever, due to my total lack of language skills, apparently. mrrrph. that makes me upset, since i'mn usually good at languages. maybe its because i'm just not getting the whole berlitz-thing. maybe its just not the atyle from which i learn best. hopefully it will all fall into place. yeah...right...XOXO-elizabeth

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