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okay, so i'm not quite sure how, but my last entry was deleted, and that makes me kind of upset...not really, its just annoying, since it was my longest one yet. anyway...if you did get to see that one you'll be glad to know that i've resolved that issue...and that its completed ended. yeah. which would be completely and utterly depressing if 1) i wasn't going to lawrence of arabia tonight with a certain special someone at 6:30 and 2) my host family hadn't sent me a letter! yay, my host sister for next year sent me a letter- she writes in english really well, and she takes lots of english classes so yay, i won't be completely confused when i get there- but i have to remember not to use her knowledge of english as a crutch for me, i will def. learn all the italian i can. she's an only child and they have a cat! after having a pet for so long and then suddenly not having one (R.I.P. Jake, we love you) it will be awesome havng a pet of any kind. so that makes me happy- my sister's my age...hmmm, i wonder if i should bring her a gift when i come or something? something to ponder. well, i have much to do before the movie (i am soooo not a squealer, but i really feel like squealing right now) tomorrow i have to go to columbus to help my grandmother move- fun fun. it should be ok though, i might get out of church (yesssssssssh!) anyway...XOXO- elizabeth

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