August 28th, 2005

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so, i'm finally here in boston, after my stupid flight from dayton to cincinnati got canceled and then i had to go to atlanta and then to boston and it took forever and i met some really odd/disturbing people. but i'm here! its really cool to see emily, and i got to meet andrew, who's really awesome. i was actually really surprised how by cool/laidback he is (knowing emily, she'd go out with some freak- no offense to her or anything, i love her to death, but we're v. different) so we've been having fun, although we went to this sandwich shop and i had to eat almost all of this sandwich emily picked out so she wouldn't feel bad that it tasted like ass. but i'm having a pretty good time, tonight i'm going with emily to this chemistry party- that could be good or bad: i mean, it is a college party but its also filled with chemistry nerds, so who knows? maybe there will be well-adjusted chem nerds, like andrew. who knows. well, i'm gonna go, since i technically told emily i was going to sleep while she was at lab. XOXO-liz
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    "The Blower's Daughter"- Damien Rice