August 26th, 2005


so ii leave for boston tomorrow at 6 in the morning. the day has finally come, wow. andrew's mix for some reason really comforts me (don't ask me why, he's kind of an asshole) and i think i might have everything packed that i need. vidhya's spending the night, so thats cool, but i'm still sad because there is a certain someone whom we all know that i would like to be spending my last day with- but alas, he's already left for school, 2 days ago, so now i'm sad. so sad. but that's okay, because new country means new beginning, right? yeah, thats what i thought, so i'm just going to forget about it and go with the flow, or whatever. i said good bye to pete and diane and turansky- turansky good bye was difficult just b/c he looked kind of close to tears, but maybe i just imagined it. so yeah, that was sad, but its okay because this time tomorrow i'll be in boston and then only 3 days til new york...then viterbo! yay! i just wish that i'd heard from ella...hmm...
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    the sound of stupid 5th graders in mummer's class