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okay, so i was supposed to do more italian today, but i got distracted programming my new computer and now tonight i have to go over packing things and the like with mummers, so so much for that. but i'm starting to get worried- in exactly a month and 2 days, i'll leave for boston to see emily and then...italy. for a whole year. but i think i'm ok with this now, because the way i see it, nothing can be worse than it is here. i keep fighting more and more with mother and the situation seems to be escalating- it will totally be worth it, even if i hate italy and never learn italian and fail all of my classes- just to get away from her for a whole fucking year!! yay!!!!!!!!! so that's pretty much all i have to look forward to at this point- only a month and 2 days and i'll finally be free...but on a lighter note (cause this is just getting depressing) i saw wedding crashers with katie last night and it is HILARIOUS! i swear there were only 5 minutes in the entire movie that i wasn't laughing. i was especially happy because bradley cooper was in it and really really funny (katie, the bicycling!...with rugby socks)but i wasn't that suprised that it was funny since it has vince vaughn in it and anything with vince vaughn is automatically funny. but yeah, everyone should go and see it- its sooooooo good. gotta go eat dinner! XOXO- elizabeth

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