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mrrph, still in boston, waiting for emily to get back from lab so we can do something- i'm getting kind of hungry since i woke up at 7 but we didn't get breakfast or anything. oh well. i've been amusing myself by reading crime and punishment and looking at random music videos. yeah...i hope she gets back soon cause i'm really bored, but i prob. should be doing italian or something, i just get really freaked out everytime i try to do it, prob. because its so close to actually being in italy and i don't want to think about it or something. anyway, i'm gonna go and see if i can find a starbucks or something- there are like 2 on every street here in boston..craziness...anyway, bye!
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so, i'm finally here in boston, after my stupid flight from dayton to cincinnati got canceled and then i had to go to atlanta and then to boston and it took forever and i met some really odd/disturbing people. but i'm here! its really cool to see emily, and i got to meet andrew, who's really awesome. i was actually really surprised how by cool/laidback he is (knowing emily, she'd go out with some freak- no offense to her or anything, i love her to death, but we're v. different) so we've been having fun, although we went to this sandwich shop and i had to eat almost all of this sandwich emily picked out so she wouldn't feel bad that it tasted like ass. but i'm having a pretty good time, tonight i'm going with emily to this chemistry party- that could be good or bad: i mean, it is a college party but its also filled with chemistry nerds, so who knows? maybe there will be well-adjusted chem nerds, like andrew. who knows. well, i'm gonna go, since i technically told emily i was going to sleep while she was at lab. XOXO-liz
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so ii leave for boston tomorrow at 6 in the morning. the day has finally come, wow. andrew's mix for some reason really comforts me (don't ask me why, he's kind of an asshole) and i think i might have everything packed that i need. vidhya's spending the night, so thats cool, but i'm still sad because there is a certain someone whom we all know that i would like to be spending my last day with- but alas, he's already left for school, 2 days ago, so now i'm sad. so sad. but that's okay, because new country means new beginning, right? yeah, thats what i thought, so i'm just going to forget about it and go with the flow, or whatever. i said good bye to pete and diane and turansky- turansky good bye was difficult just b/c he looked kind of close to tears, but maybe i just imagined it. so yeah, that was sad, but its okay because this time tomorrow i'll be in boston and then only 3 days til new york...then viterbo! yay! i just wish that i'd heard from ella...hmm...
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so i told myself i was going to stop, but i'm just soo bored...

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isn't this happy???

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this is the last one, i swear...
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So apparently, this is what my birth-month says about me...
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if i was a mean girl...this amused me...
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can i just say that i am having a blast with quizilla?
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4 days...

okay, so i'mm stuck at fucking school while my mother does parent/teacher school-is-starting-meetings. fun fun. i'm so bored and i'm stuck in the conference room- the one room in this school that doesn't have air-conditioning. goodness, i am soooooo hot it isn't even funny. and i'm pissed off b/c beth and i were going to watch dr. phil today (kids ask dr. phil) over the phone and make fun of it and now i'm not going to be home in time to do it (i know it sounds stupid to be upset over but i only have 4 more days until i leave for boston and dont come back home for 9 months, so even stupid little things are important b/c honestly, when will my next chance be?) vidhya's coming home tonight at midnight- i'll get to see her tomorrow yay! but yeah, i'm really excited about that so we can start off vidhya and elizabeth's last hurray: the sequel and have a blast. well, i'll see if i have anything more interesting to do while i'm stuck in this god-forsaken school for the rest of my life- so ii'm being melodramatic, i only have 4 days left in town and my mother's making me spend them like this! at schol! when i should be at kings island with amy and holly and veronica, etc. and then back home to watch tv with beth! no, i'm just in a bitchy mood- worried about this airplane business. i just know i'm going to miss a flight somewhere and fuck everything up. once i get to italy i'll be fine, but i'm starting to doubt i'll make it there. well, buh-bye! XOXO-liz
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yep...9 days until i leave for boston. it all seems not real right now. i've been helping out at v-ball and i'm going to go to the v-ball picnic at a certain pervy old man who shall remain nameless (actually, he's getting a lot better and is actually not acting like he hates me) but it makes me kind of sad that i'm not gonna be on the team this year (unless my italian v-ball team is actually good and then that will be kick-ass and i won't care- kidding, holly!) i'm soooooooo happy though because this saturday i'm going to indiana...to pick up ben!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! my big bro, finally back from japan, even though he had to be a loser and go through russia, the asshole. so i get to see him and we can hang out until i leave. he brought a present for turansky so i'm going with him to give it to him, so that will be fun...crazy old man. yeah, but i should probably get going since i have much to do. gone in 9 days-but without any italian skills whatsoever, due to my total lack of language skills, apparently. mrrrph. that makes me upset, since i'mn usually good at languages. maybe its because i'm just not getting the whole berlitz-thing. maybe its just not the atyle from which i learn best. hopefully it will all fall into place. yeah...right...XOXO-elizabeth
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mom and dad just went to go get my euros downtown- i don't get to go since my broken foot has been acting up and i can't really do much of anything at the moment, even typing seems to be hurting my foot- i know that doesn't seem possible but those of you who have ever broken any bones will probably understand how it feels. they still don't know if itll be healed by the time i leave for italy...i'm not going abroad with a cast, i refuse. anyway, i should go now, i've been working on packing. XOXO- liz
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okay, so i'm not quite sure how, but my last entry was deleted, and that makes me kind of upset...not really, its just annoying, since it was my longest one yet. anyway...if you did get to see that one you'll be glad to know that i've resolved that issue...and that its completed ended. yeah. which would be completely and utterly depressing if 1) i wasn't going to lawrence of arabia tonight with a certain special someone at 6:30 and 2) my host family hadn't sent me a letter! yay, my host sister for next year sent me a letter- she writes in english really well, and she takes lots of english classes so yay, i won't be completely confused when i get there- but i have to remember not to use her knowledge of english as a crutch for me, i will def. learn all the italian i can. she's an only child and they have a cat! after having a pet for so long and then suddenly not having one (R.I.P. Jake, we love you) it will be awesome havng a pet of any kind. so that makes me happy- my sister's my age...hmmm, i wonder if i should bring her a gift when i come or something? something to ponder. well, i have much to do before the movie (i am soooo not a squealer, but i really feel like squealing right now) tomorrow i have to go to columbus to help my grandmother move- fun fun. it should be ok though, i might get out of church (yesssssssssh!) anyway...XOXO- elizabeth
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okay, so i was supposed to do more italian today, but i got distracted programming my new computer and now tonight i have to go over packing things and the like with mummers, so so much for that. but i'm starting to get worried- in exactly a month and 2 days, i'll leave for boston to see emily and then...italy. for a whole year. but i think i'm ok with this now, because the way i see it, nothing can be worse than it is here. i keep fighting more and more with mother and the situation seems to be escalating- it will totally be worth it, even if i hate italy and never learn italian and fail all of my classes- just to get away from her for a whole fucking year!! yay!!!!!!!!! so that's pretty much all i have to look forward to at this point- only a month and 2 days and i'll finally be free...but on a lighter note (cause this is just getting depressing) i saw wedding crashers with katie last night and it is HILARIOUS! i swear there were only 5 minutes in the entire movie that i wasn't laughing. i was especially happy because bradley cooper was in it and really really funny (katie, the bicycling!...with rugby socks)but i wasn't that suprised that it was funny since it has vince vaughn in it and anything with vince vaughn is automatically funny. but yeah, everyone should go and see it- its sooooooo good. gotta go eat dinner! XOXO- elizabeth
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